Halloween Spooky Shoot

Halloween Spooky Shoot

It was a really fun halloween shoot at Ely Archers with the Egertec targets proving to be very popular. They brought out the competitive spirits!

Mel was in a class of his own being the only compound archer of the evening, scoring an impressive 326.

Team recurve proved themselves up to the challenge, with the top three positions going to Ian C, Wojtek and Mike W respectively.

An equally impressive result coming form the barebow contingent, leading with Maggie, Ali and Kim.

A great night folks. Looking forward to the Christmas shoot next. Bring your A game and your Elf boots!

Graveyard Shoot Scores

Compound Barebow Recurve
Mel 326 Maggie 284 Ian Ch 368
Alison 280 Wojtek 354
Kim 227 Mike W 351
Tamir 218 Sarita 276
Mary 176 Steve 232
Bart 163 Richard 205
Jasmine 162 Alys 132
Jenny 16