New Records and Classifications

New Records and Classifications

It’s been a busy Summer 2018 so far with lots of new club records being created or broken. There are also many of us with new archery outdoor classification badges and new 252 badges.


Jon Pearson (Barebow) – 2nd Class
Jasmine Pearson (U16 Barebow) – 2nd Class
Ian Chapman (Recurve) – 2nd Class
Mike Bradford (Compound) – 3rd Class

252 Badges

Jon Pearson (Barebow) – 50 yards
Donald Beaumont (Barebow) – 40 yards
Alys Wilman (Recurve) – 20 yards

Club Records

Malcolm Basing (Barebow) – Windsor
Maggie Johnson (Barebow) – Windsor
Daniel Coe (Recurve) – New Warwick
Iain Snare (Recurve) – Long Metric III
Ian Forrest (AFB) – Long Metric III
Kim Pearson (Barebow) – Long Metric IV
Jasmine Pearson (Barebow) – Long Metric IV
Rob Edson (AFB) – Long Metric IV
Louise Tapp (Recurve) – Metric II
Iain Snare (Recurve) – Metric III
Daniel Coe (Recurve) – WA1440
Richard Ayres (Barebow) – Long Metric IV
Malcolm Basing (Barebow) – Long Metric III
Mike Bradford (Compound) – Long Metric III
Harry Tapp (Recurve) – Metric II

…and that was just some of June and July!