Club Shirts

Club Shirts

Our unique Ely Archers club shirts are produced by Lionhart and cost £42 each (inc VAT) (as of March 2024). Ely Archers have decided to subsidise our club members first shirt by £10. So all senior club members can get an archery shooting shirt for only £32. All subsequent shirt orders will be at full price.

Senior club members can personalise the back of the shirt with either their first name or last name.

Please contact Alison or Mike W. at the club in regards to all club shirt matters.

Please find the shirt design below together with the shirt sizes. The club do also have a couple of samples available for you to try.

Junior Shirts

Thorlabs have provided us with a set grant for us to purchase a number of free shirts for junior members (18 and under). Once the grant has been spent these will no longer be available. These shirts will have an additional Thorlabs logo on the front.

Ely Archers and Thorlabs Junior Shirts

Club Shirt Sizes

Size information PDF

Club Shirt Design

Ely Archers Club Shirt