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City of Cambridge Bowmen World Archery Weekend

Several Ely Archers (Louise, Harry, Paul, Mel, Daniel and Jordan) attended the World Archery weekend at City of Cambridge Bowmen on Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th May at Downing College Sports Ground. The rounds shot were double 720 rounds, so 144 arrows plus sighters each day. Distances on offer were 70m for recurve and longbow and 50m for barebow and compound.

Saturday saw very hot sunny weather whilst the Sunday saw a mixture of wind and wet weather.

Ely did manage to collect some medals over the weekend, even though traditionally medals are not handed out at these types of events, as people are usually just shooting for national ranking points.


2nd Men’s Barebow – Daniel
2nd Ladies Recurve – Louise


1st Men’s Recurve – Harry
3rd Men’s Barebow – Daniel


City of Cambridge Bowmen World Archery Weekend 2022

Indoor Portsmouth Handicap Results 2022

We held our end of season indoor club handicap based Portsmouth shoot on Sunday 20th March 2022. This is a normal Portsmouth round where you need to either shoot as well as you normally do or better to be in with a chance of winning and claiming the trophy for 12 months.

6 archers out of the 14 that took part shot above their current handicap.

Overall, Ian Beech was the winner with a handicap adjusted score of 1475.

Well done Ian.

EOS Portsmouth 2022 Results

Ian B 1475
Luc 1471
Tamir 1454
Daniel 1446
Rob 1444
Louise 1444
Mike 1437
Ian F 1432
Steven 1422
Jordan 1413
Alex 1399
Alison 1388
Freddie 1386
Julian 1385

Friday Night Bray League 2022 Results

After a full season of the Friday Night Bray League with 128 rounds and 7,000 arrows shot we can now reveal the full results list and the overall winner for 2022.

The Friday night bray league is a handicap based competition where your top 5 handicap adjusted scores of the season are used to give you an overall score.

25% of the rounds shot this season were above handicap.

Well done to Freddie Osborne for taking the 2022 title and new Ely Archers Bray League trophy!

Bray League Winner 2022 Freddie

Overall Results 2022

Freddie 7274
Michael G 7260
Ian B 7240
Steven 7239
Louise 7229
Peter 7221
Jordan 7213
Wojciech 7210
Daniel 7192
Alex 7172
Julian 7143
Mike 7136
Laure-Anne 7130
Robbie 6965

Beiter Hit n Miss Winners 2022 Crowned

On Sunday 27th March 2022 we held our final indoor shoot with a round of Beiter Hit n Miss targets. We began by drawing teams of 2 from a hat and then shot 30 arrows in a qualifying round (no sighters) and then ranked the teams ready for the sets of matches. Overall 4 matches were shot which decided the 4 teams that would shoot in the final matches.

Final Results

  1. Mel and Daniel
  2. Rob and Steven
  3. Ian and Jordan

Mel produced a rather nice fake cheque at home. Here it is presented to Mel and Daniel.

Hit n Miss Winners 2022

Hit n Miss 2022 Scoring

Hit n Miss 2022 Scoring

Ely Archers Win Frostbite Round 2

On Sunday 20th March six Ely Archers travelled to Parkfield Archers in Wimblington. Parkfield Archers hosted the second round of the inter-club Frostbite round.

A small change of line-up this time with Mike Williamson being replaced by Paul Beck on recurve who was joined by Mel. Daniel and Jordan shot compound and Pete and Alison shot barebow.

It was a nice sunny and only slightly breezy Sunday afternoon at Parkfield. A number of great Frostbite scores saw Ely Archers win the second round.

Pictured is Jordan with the tiny plastic cup which was engraved with a black sharpie!

That could the final round this year, hopefully next year it will be back bigger and better with more rounds during the winter.

Parkfield Archers Frostbite Parkfield Archers Frostbite Parkfield Archers Frostbite Parkfield Archers Frostbite Jordan Archery Cup Frostbite Archery Cup