Annual Frostbite 2019

On Saturday 5th January 16 of us headed out onto the field to shoot our annual Frostbite. The day before was icy but on this day it was about 5 degrees, so not actually that cold.

We began by all setting up our bows and then getting the targets outs and then of course we stopped for hot drinks and cakes before we began shooting.

After a couple of ends Andreas lost his contact lens and we decided to move the targets to stop anyone stepping over the contact lens area whilst it was searched for. After 7 ends (6 with one end of sighters) and a lot of searching for the contact lens the shooting was over. It was really nice to be outside shooting again, and it all gave us a feeling of what to expect when we all go outside again in April. Unfortunately, I don’t think the contact lens was ever found.

Frostbite 2019 Results

Frostbite Scores 2019

Frostbite Shoot 2019

Annual Frostbite 2019

White Hat Team win Christmas Shoot

It was a battle between the white and the red team at the Ely Archers Christmas shoot on Sunday. 5 targets were put out carrying 10 Egertec Christmas target faces at various distances.

Archers were put into pairs based on their shooting skill, with one person being in the red team and the other in the white team, denoted by their hat colour.

At the end of round one, we stopped for tea, cake and mince pies. Thank you to Mrs Forrest and Alison for the ginger bread, cakes and lemon drizzle cake.

In the end the top scorer for the red team was Harry and Mel for the white team.

The white team won 2,488 points to the reds 2,315.

Red Team
Ian Chapman 385
Kim 315
Ian Forrest 348
Louise 495
Jasmine 240
Harry 532
Total 2315

White Team
Daniel 514
Alison 357
Steve 308
Mike W. 533
Mary 233
Mel 543
Total 2488

Christmas Archery Shoot 1

Christmas Archery Shoot 2

Christmas Archery Shoot 3

Christmas Archery Shoot 4

Christmas Archery Shoot 5

Lots of Medals at Fenland Worcester

On Saturday 24th November Daniel, Mel, Louise and Harry attended the Fenland Archers Worcester shoot in Whittlesey, nr Peterborough.

All archers decided to shoot session 2 and session 3 with Harry shooting in the senior gents category.

Here are the winning results:

  • Mel won both the single (274) and double (546) gents recurve categories.
  • Harry came 3rd in the single (268) gents recurve category and 2nd in the double round (535).
  • Louise won both the single (258) and double (523) ladies recurve categories.

There were lots of Ely Archers at the top of the mens recurve category.

We also had great wins on the raffle bringing home lots of cake, gin and wine!



Ely Archers Portsmouth 2018

Thank you to everyone that was involved in the Portsmouth competition. We couldn’t have done it without your help, whether you donated a prize to the raffle, helped set up Friday night, bought raffle tickets, shot in the competition or helped us pack up Saturday night or Sunday lunchtime.

We managed to raise £214 in our charity raffle for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Portsmouth Results

Ely Archers won a number of medals including:

Maggie (Barebow) 1st Place in the single and double rounds

Alison (Barebow) 3rd Place in the single and 2nd place in the double round

Louise (Recurve) 3rd Place in the single and 2nd place in the double round

Team round (Recurve) 2nd Place – the top 3 recurve scores came from Mel, Daniel and Mike Williamson.

Full results are available on our website:

Time Lapse Videos

If you are interested in seeing us set up the venue for the competition in 1 minute, we created two time lapse videos which are now on YouTube:

Next Year

We’ll be doing it all again next year – save the date – Saturday 16th November 2019


Halloween Spooky Shoot

It was a really fun halloween shoot at Ely Archers with the Egertec targets proving to be very popular. They brought out the competitive spirits!

Mel was in a class of his own being the only compound archer of the evening, scoring an impressive 326.

Team recurve proved themselves up to the challenge, with the top three positions going to Ian C, Wojtek and Mike W respectively.

An equally impressive result coming form the barebow contingent, leading with Maggie, Ali and Kim.

A great night folks. Looking forward to the Christmas shoot next. Bring your A game and your Elf boots!

Graveyard Shoot Scores

Compound Barebow Recurve
Mel 326 Maggie 284 Ian Ch 368
Alison 280 Wojtek 354
Kim 227 Mike W 351
Tamir 218 Sarita 276
Mary 176 Steve 232
Bart 163 Richard 205
Jasmine 162 Alys 132
Jenny 16