Spooky Halloween Shoot

Thank to everyone for attending our AGM last night and staying on for the Halloween shoot. It was a mixture of Egertec targets used again together with shooting at glowing bracelets and balloons of course.

Also congratulations to Mary for winning the Outdoor National Handicap shoot this year.

Top scores:

1. Harry 339
2. Daniel 286
3. Mike and Lukasz 272

1. Sean 354
2. Jordan 264
3. Mel 248

1. Malcolm 223
2. Jasmine 196
3. Mary 155

1. Bart 66

All Scores:

Harry 339
Lewis 259
Kim 81
Jssmine 196
Malcolm 223
Mary 155
Mel 248
Alys 146
Jenny 171
Lukasz 272
Bart 66
Jordan 264
Alistair 261
Daniel 286
Sean 354
Mike 272
Louise 218

Egertec Halloween Targets


The Horde


Ely Archers in Waitrose

Ely Archers are part of the Waitrose Green Coin community matters this month (May 2019) in the Ely store.

When you shop in Waitrose Ely you’ll be given a plastic green coin, if not you can ask for one! Near the exit are 3 green coin bins, where you can vote for your favourite community group – us!

At the end of the month Waitrose split £1,000 between the 3 groups depending on how many coins are in each bin.

Please put your green coins into our bin. We are saving up for a new trolley to carry our heavy field targets. Thank you!

Ely Archers Waitrose 2019

Ian Wins Portsmouth Indoor Handicap

Ian Forrest won the end of season indoor handicap shoot in 2019. We always shoot a Portsmouth round at the end of the season shoot.

Ian shot the round with his American Flatbow and scored 407 which gave him a handicap adjusted winning score of 1449.

Ian now holds both the outdoor handicap end of season trophy and the indoor end of season handicap trophy! Well done Ian.

Ian is pictured with the indoor handicap trophy and certificate.

Ian Wins End of Season Indoor Shoot 2019

Steve Wins Friday Night Bray League

Steven Johnson is the first winner of the 2018/19 Friday Night Bray League at Ely Archers.

The Bray league is shot on a Friday night indoors only, and consists of shooting 30 arrows at a 40cm target face. The round is handicap based and each entrant must submit at least 5 scores, with the top 5 scores being used.

Steve shot a total of 6 rounds and finished the season with a top 5 adjusted handicap score of 7,575. All of his top 5 scores he submitted were above his current handicap for that week.

Steve is pictured with the new Bray trophy and winners certificate.

Well done Steve.

A full list of results are available on the Friday Night Bray League results page.

Steve Wins 2019 Bray League