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Ely Archery Club was formed in 2004 by two local archers, and membership grew steadily from there – we currently have around 40 members. Not all club members shoot regularly every week, but obviously the more you shoot, the better value you are getting from your membership! We have a wide range of members who shoot all types of bows including Barebow, Recurve, Compound, American Flatbow and Longbows.

Soon after the club was formed, we developed close links with Littleport Leisure Community Centre, where we were based for over four years. Then, in April 2009, we moved to shooting outside at the Amherst field belonging to the Kings School, which is near Ely railway station. The winter indoor shooting venues are now the Sports Hall belonging to the Kings School (Sunday mornings) and the Sports Hall at Ely College (Friday evenings). Competitions will continue to be run at Littleport Leisure Community Centre.

The club runs beginners’ courses for people wishing to get into the sport, which are normally held outside at the Amherst field during the summer months. For more information on these courses, please see our beginners’ course page.

You will find all sorts of people at the club with differing abilities, including children, visually impaired people, and archers in the county squad. The Club has received a grant in the past for its support for disabled archers.