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Jolly Archers Western 2022 Results

A day of many seasons in one day with wind, high humidity, some rain and burning sunshine. All of the Ely Archers team shot the standard Western round of 60 and 50 yards with 5 zone scoring. As with most AGB round competitions we had to shoot 3 arrows at a time, rotate and then shoot the other 3 arrows for the end which can be off putting but also gives you less time for resting.

In the end everyone had good results with Jordan, Paul and Louise all scoring personal bests and new club records.

Overall results:

1st Ladies Recurve – Louise
2nd Gents Recurve – Paul
2nd Gents Barebow – Daniel
4th Gents Compound – Jordan

Jolly Archers Western 2022 results

Peacock Archers World Archery Weekend 2022

World Archery Weekend 2022 Peacock Archers at Girton College, Cambridge.

Day 1 – WA720’s and Head to Heads (18th June 2022)

A beautiful setting in the grounds of Girton College, but the first day was rainy and windy, nearly all day long.  Jordan, Paul, Daniel, Pete, Mel, Harry, and Louise shot.

Qualification round

The first part of the day is the 720 rounds with 72 arrows at 70m for recurve and longbow. 50m for compound and barebow and 60m for recure masters (50+).

Recurve Gents – Harry ranked 1st in qualification with a score of 598. Mel was 9th with 535 and Paul 12th with 499.

Recurve Women’s Cadet and Masters – Louise qualified 5th with 514

Barebow Gents – Pete ranked 1st in qualification with a score of 566. Daniel was 5th with 450.

Compound Gents – Jordan qualified 10th with 443

Head to Head Matches

In the afternoon saw the head-to-head matches, where 3 arrows are shot with a set system for all bow types except compound who use a cumulative total score throughout 5 ends of arrows. In the set system the first archer to 6 points is the winner (2 for a win, 1 for a draw).

Recurve Gents – Paul was first to have a match in the top 32 and won it 6-0 but was beaten in the next round 6-0. Harry won his first match in the eight finals 6-0 and Mel won his match 6-2. The quarter final round saw Harry shoot against Mel and Mel won this round 6-0. Mel was then beaten in the semi-finals 6-2 but then went on to shoot in the bronze medal match and he won that 6-4 to take home the gents recurve bronze medal.

Recurve Women’s Cadet and Masters – Louise shot against Sophie Roberts in the quarter finals round but lost 6-0. Sophie then went on to win the event.

Barebow Gents – Pete sat out of the first match with a bye, whilst Daniel had his first match which he won 7-3. Pete was then drawn against Daniel, with Pete winning 7-1. Daniel then shot in the bronze medal match which he won 6-4 which gave him 3rd place and the bronze medal. Pete carried on to the final where he won 6-0 and took the men’s barebow gold medal.

Compound Gents – Jordan’s first match was in the eight-finals and saw him score 90 points, but his opposition scored a total of 135.

Overall Competition Results

1st Place Gents Barebow – Peter Lens

3rd Place Gents Barebow – Daniel Coe

3rd Place Gents Recurve – Mel Tang Richardson

Day 2 – WA1440 and Metric rounds (19th June 2022)

Better weather on the Snnday, partly sunny but still very breezy.  The second day saw the 144 arrow rounds of 90m, 70m, 50m and 30m for gents with other shorter metric distances available for ladies, masters, and juniors. Today also included the Outdoor Cambridgeshire County Championships for 2022.

Overall Competition Results

2nd Place Women’s Masters Recurve – Louise Tapp

3rd Place Men’s Barebow – Daniel Coe

Cambridgeshire County Championship Results

1st Place Women’s Masters Recurve – Louise Tapp

1st Place Men’s Barebow – Daniel Coe

2nd Place Men’s Recurve – Paul Beck

Peacock Archery World Archery Weekend Cambridge

WA Peacock Archery Medal and CAA Meda







City of Cambridge Bowmen World Archery Weekend

Several Ely Archers (Louise, Harry, Paul, Mel, Daniel and Jordan) attended the World Archery weekend at City of Cambridge Bowmen on Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th May at Downing College Sports Ground. The rounds shot were double 720 rounds, so 144 arrows plus sighters each day. Distances on offer were 70m for recurve and longbow and 50m for barebow and compound.

Saturday saw very hot sunny weather whilst the Sunday saw a mixture of wind and wet weather.

Ely did manage to collect some medals over the weekend, even though traditionally medals are not handed out at these types of events, as people are usually just shooting for national ranking points.


2nd Men’s Barebow – Daniel
2nd Ladies Recurve – Louise


1st Men’s Recurve – Harry
3rd Men’s Barebow – Daniel


City of Cambridge Bowmen World Archery Weekend 2022

Indoor Portsmouth Handicap Results 2022

We held our end of season indoor club handicap based Portsmouth shoot on Sunday 20th March 2022. This is a normal Portsmouth round where you need to either shoot as well as you normally do or better to be in with a chance of winning and claiming the trophy for 12 months.

6 archers out of the 14 that took part shot above their current handicap.

Overall, Ian Beech was the winner with a handicap adjusted score of 1475.

Well done Ian.

EOS Portsmouth 2022 Results

Ian B 1475
Luc 1471
Tamir 1454
Daniel 1446
Rob 1444
Louise 1444
Mike 1437
Ian F 1432
Steven 1422
Jordan 1413
Alex 1399
Alison 1388
Freddie 1386
Julian 1385