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Problems with wind!

Hi everyone,  after some questions by club members I thought I would share our thinking when cancelling shooting outdoors due to wind conditions.

Our rule of thumb is that once we can see that a forecast of wind speed greater than 17mph with gusts above 25mph then the setting up and taking down of the target stands is too risky for the setup teams.

We have had a situation where a stand blew onto one of the club members, luckily only causing slight bruising.

More recently an incoming gust caused the trolley containing 1 stand to tip over damaging a metal detector almost beyond repair. (See attached photo)

We know that everyone wants to shoot as much as possible but there will be times when we have to take decisions to cancel based on safety issues, doing this in a timely manner so that you don’t turn up at the field only to be told the bad news.

Thanks for your understanding



Archery Update



It has now been confirmed by Archery GB that the latest rules of 6 indoors for ‘team sport’ does not include our COVID safe archery sessions. So we are able to carry on with our indoor plans.


Friday nights (or rather Tuesday nights)


There has been a change of plan regarding our indoor Friday nights, as this session has now moved to a Tuesday night at Ely College (7pm or 8pm start). First session Tuesday 6th October.


The reason behind the move is that Ely College use specialist fog machines for sanitising between uses of the sports hall. Between our proposed booking on a Friday night and another booking on Saturday morning they have no-one to carry out the procedure.


So instead, we were offered Monday or Tuesday evening only.  Tuesday was the logical choice, after we have just shot on Sunday.


We hope to add on another indoor session from November, either a return to King’s on a Sunday or somewhere else, but what day or where that may be is unknown.


Sunday mornings (Frostbite)


The Frostbite handicap shoot will be staged from this Sunday. Book as normal for a 9.30 or 10.30 start. Mel will be emailing you more details very soon.









Indoor Archery Guidelines



Our first couple of indoor sessions will really be a test of our new procedures and also learning how to shoot indoors in a different way to normal. So please bear with us while we settle in, as some things may change.


There are lots of new rules going indoors such as each archer (not household) having their own booking, each archer wearing a face covering when not shooting (unless exempt or under 12 years old), having two shooting details and collecting arrows safely distanced.  There are many more in this document below.


Please read the important guidelines and details on how we intend to run the indoor sessions:


This document together with an indoor risk assessment can also be found on our rules and policies webpage:


Please remember to keep bringing your target pins to all sessions!


Booking is now open for Tuesday evening:







Ely Archers Frostbite League October 2020

Ely Archers Frostbite League October 2020

Any Sunday during October shoot the Frostbite round – 36 arrows at 30 meters on an 80cm face.  6 sighters.  Highest handicapped score will count.

The first time you arrive you will be presented with your 80cm target face for the shoots. Please remember to bring your target pins.  Shoot as many times as you like during October, but only the first score of the day will count.  There’s also award badges to be gained!

This is a great round to shoot as it shoots like an indoor round and is also the last distance of a WA1440.

To make the league competitive and open for everyone starting handicap will be existing outdoor handicap + this year’s 252s, else indoor handicap else starting handicap of 70.


For juniors that cannot reach 30m, they can either choose to carry on with the World Archery badge shooting (which also uses an 80cm target like Frostbite) at distances of 8m, 10m, 14m, 18m, 22m or 26m or choose any other distance up to 30m.


You can either print them off yourself, use a scoring app or there will be some at the club.

Please pair up with your neighbour and score each other. You can write down your score, but have your neighbour read out your arrow score.  Please also remember your clipboards and pens.





Successful Clout Week

For one whole week during September the club gave its members the chance to try clout archery. Members could practice and find out their ideal distance from 100, 140 and 180 yards. At the end of the week on the Sunday we all came together in two details (socially distanced) to shoot a scored single clout round.

Breezy weather all week long made the clout shooting unpredictable from session to session, but on Sunday Ely Archers saw some good consistent scoring from a number of archers. It was amazing to see the juniors shooting 100 yards+ with only roughly 18 pound limbs and thoroughly enjoying it in the process.

We finished off the day with a “rain of arrows” and this can be seen on YouTube here:

Here are the overall scores for the Sunday clout for anyone that scored at least one point!

Here are some images from the day, with more images available in our gallery section.

A video slideshow of the day is also available on YouTube here:

Thank you to Karen, Wojtek and Mike for the images.