White Hat Team win Christmas Shoot

White Hat Team win Christmas Shoot

It was a battle between the white and the red team at the Ely Archers Christmas shoot on Sunday. 5 targets were put out carrying 10 Egertec Christmas target faces at various distances.

Archers were put into pairs based on their shooting skill, with one person being in the red team and the other in the white team, denoted by their hat colour.

At the end of round one, we stopped for tea, cake and mince pies. Thank you to Mrs Forrest and Alison for the ginger bread, cakes and lemon drizzle cake.

In the end the top scorer for the red team was Harry and Mel for the white team.

The white team won 2,488 points to the reds 2,315.

Red Team
Ian Chapman 385
Kim 315
Ian Forrest 348
Louise 495
Jasmine 240
Harry 532
Total 2315

White Team
Daniel 514
Alison 357
Steve 308
Mike W. 533
Mary 233
Mel 543
Total 2488

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