Successful Clout Week

Successful Clout Week

For one whole week during September the club gave its members the chance to try clout archery. Members could practice and find out their ideal distance from 100, 140 and 180 yards. At the end of the week on the Sunday we all came together in two details (socially distanced) to shoot a scored single clout round.

Breezy weather all week long made the clout shooting unpredictable from session to session, but on Sunday Ely Archers saw some good consistent scoring from a number of archers. It was amazing to see the juniors shooting 100 yards+ with only roughly 18 pound limbs and thoroughly enjoying it in the process.

We finished off the day with a “rain of arrows” and this can be seen on YouTube here:

Here are the overall scores for the Sunday clout for anyone that scored at least one point!

Here are some images from the day, with more images available in our gallery section.

A video slideshow of the day is also available on YouTube here:

Thank you to Karen, Wojtek and Mike for the images.