Hot Sunday Scores

Hot Sunday Scores

We had a good turn out on Sunday with little wind and hot weather and all 8 targets being used.

Mel shot a Warwick (60 and 50 yards) on his recurve and scored 277 which gives him his third 3rd class score, a badge is coming your way.

Ian shot a Short National round (50 and 40 yards) on his recurve and shot a new club record with 507 scored.

Bart scored exactly what he needed – 189 on his barebow in the 252 round at 50 yards – so one more of those scores and above and you can have your 252 50yd badge.

Emily shot 233 on her barebow in the 252 – 20yards round, so this second score now gives her the 20yds 252 badge.

Despite a couple of misses at 80 yards Daniel still managed to score 418 which is exactly what he needed for his second 1st Class score.

Daniel also thought he had lost his arrow at 60 yards as it was nowhere to be found, as most of it went straight through and was hanging out the back.

Arrow through the target

Well done everyone.