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Steve Wins Friday Night Bray League

Steven Johnson is the first winner of the 2018/19 Friday Night Bray League at Ely Archers.

The Bray league is shot on a Friday night indoors only, and consists of shooting 30 arrows at a 40cm target face. The round is handicap based and each entrant must submit at least 5 scores, with the top 5 scores being used.

Steve shot a total of 6 rounds and finished the season with a top 5 adjusted handicap score of 7,575. All of his top 5 scores he submitted were above his current handicap for that week.

Steve is pictured with the new Bray trophy and winners certificate.

Well done Steve.

A full list of results are available on the Friday Night Bray League results page.

Steve Wins 2019 Bray League


Friday Night Bray League has begun

friday night bray league

The Friday Night Bray League has begun with 10 people shooting it on Friday 19th October 2018. There was even a club record broken shot by Maggie on her barebow. You can join in the league every Friday night, although it is optional of course. We are taking the top 5 handicap scores of the season, so record 5 scores or as many as you can, we’ll pick your Top 5 for the end of the season where someone will take home the new Bray League Trophy for 12 months.

Friday Night Bray League Rules

Friday Night Bray League Results

Week 1 Results