Archery Beginners Class

Archery Beginners Class

Archery Beginners Course

15th and 22nd May at Amherst Field, Ely – 10am to 1pm both days.
17th and 24nd July at Amherst Field, Ely – 10am to 1pm both days.

The coaches teach you the correct way to shoot as well as archery safety and etiquette.

All equipment is provided and you get tuition from the club’s Archery GB Qualified Coaches.

The course is informal and very much “hands-on”. There are some initial administration and health and safety issues to cover and we have to get you equipped with a suitable bow and arrows. This is then followed by the tutors showing you how to shoot safely, and ongoing help and advice on your style and technique as you are shooting.

The first week we will show you how to shoot ‘barebow’ style without a sight to get you used to the feel of the bow and give you a basic idea of style. You will then be introduced to target archery with a sight. We will also have you continuing practicing your style to help you improve, including friendly and short fun competitions and scoring. There will also be talks on parts of the bow, how to purchase your own equipment, and information about the Ely Archers club and Archery GB membership if you decide to continue.

Adults (over 18): £60
Juniors (10-18): £60

The course fees get you a minimum of 6 hours of archery and are used to cover all equipment use and hire of the venue.

Please note: Courses are open to adults and children aged 10 years and over. Children (10-16 years old) must be accompanied by a responsible adult who stays for the duration of each session.

As the course is feature packed you need to be able to commit to the full course, missing a session would be detrimental and re-arranging sessions is not possible.

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