Club Competition Results

Club Competition Results

We currently hold three club competitions a year, one at the end of the indoor and one at the end of the outdoor season and an ongoing indoor Friday Night Bray League. All competitions are handicap based competitions.

Indoor – Portsmouth round and Bray League.
Outdoor – National round.

Cup based trophies are presented to the winner who gets to keep them for 12 months.

Outdoor National Competition Winners

2009 Dave Martin
2010 Paula Morgan
2011 Margaret Stagg
2012 –
2013 Michael Thorley
2014 Ian Chapman
2015 Joshua Chapman
2016 Mary Saggs
2017 Louise Tapp
2018 Ian Forrest
2019 Mary Saggs

Indoor Portsmouth Competition Winners

2018 Thanasios Kyziridis
2019 Ian Forrest
2020 Alistair Clode

Friday Night Bray League Competition Winners

2019 Steve Johnson
2020 Jordan Richards