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    To become a member you must have completed an archery beginners course or have had an assessment with one of our coaches.

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    * Couple = 2 Seniors (both 25+)
    ** Family = 1 Senior (25+) and (1 Junior (10-18) or Young Adult (18-24))


    Please provide details of any known medical conditions that may affect you during the course of an archery session, and your preferred course of action.

    Membership Fees

    Ely Archers membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March.
    Archery GB membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September.

    Your total membership fee will include Ely Archers, Archery GB, SCAS and CAA fees.

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    Please note: Membership fees are non-refundable.

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    • Cheque - Please make payable to "Ely Archers" and bring it to your first shooting session - shooting calendar
    • BACS - Please send your online payment to Sort code: 40-20-38 Account No: 41316427 Reference: Please put your name as the reference
    • PayPal - Fees of 2.9% + 30p will be added to the total fee. Once you click "Apply" on the next screen you can go directly to PayPal to pay.

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    Ely Archers

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    Contact me via email for club marketing and communication purposes (newsletters, cancelled shooting notifications, general club emails)?

    Collect and record my archery scores in our "Golden Records" archery scoring system?
    (This data includes your name, gender, age category, bow type and score. Without this data we cannot issue you with a handicap, archery badges, club records)

    Archery GB

    As your membership fees include joining Archery GB. Please indicate how you want to be contacted by Archery GB below (free magazine, emails etc). You can change your preferences at any time on the Archery GB website. Please see the Archery GB section of the privacy policy for more details.
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    I apply to become a member of the Ely Archers understanding I will also become an affiliate member of Archery GB (AGB), the Southern Counties Archery Association (SCAS) and Cambridgeshire Archery Association(CAA), if I'm not already.

    I agree to be bound by the rules of Archery GB and its organizations, and the rules, policies and constitution of Ely Archers. I agree to pay subscriptions to the club and its affiliates. I understand my membership fees are non-refundable. I consent for the club to keep these details on record and will inform them of any changes.

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